Burglar Home GSM Alarm With Camera IP Wifi P2P Night Vision Wireless House IPCam Video CCTV Surveillance Alarma Security System

Model: G18 Wireless GSM Alarm System + IP501 WIFI IP Camera For Home Security

     G18 main features: TFT Color Display + Touch Keypad + Voice Prompt + Humanized Menu Operation + Built in backp rechargeable battery + Built in Siren + Android IOS App Remote Control + SMS Call + GSM850/900/1800/1900mhz Quad Band + Voice Recording + Scheduled Arm/Disarm + Can make phone call as a Mobile Phone + 99 Wireless Zones + 8 types of Defense Zones + Customize Detectors Zone Name + 6 Alarm Call Numbers + 6 SMS Alarm Numbers + 3 SOS Help Alarm Numbers + Arm Delay + Alarm Delay + History List (Alarm & Arm/disarm List) + Voice Volume adjustable + Siren Volume adjustable + Voice & Siren can be ON/Off

     Main Feature of IP Camera: Pan Tilt IP Camera HD + Baby Monitor + Kids Safety + Elderly Care + Home Shop Office Security + Video Capture/TF micro SD card storage + MIC/Speaker + IR Night Vision + Cloud P2P plug and Play + IR Cut + WIFI/Wired Ethernet Cable + Android IOS Mobile App Remote surveillance Monitor with password protectio n  
What's included in the package?
1 gsm alarm control host with Power Adapter
2 remote controllers
3 wireless dual-tech PIR Motion Detectors
4 wireless door/window magnetic sensors
1 Wired Small Round Siren
1 IP501 IP Camera with Built-in Siren & Power Adapter
1 Installation Bracket of Camera
1 User Manual
G18 GSM alarm with camera working
 Quick Guideline
1. Install GSM SIM card into GSM alarm panel.
2. Add alarm sensors, remote controllers to GSM alarm panel
3. Preset alarm call and SMS numbers
4. Arm GSM alarm via keypad, remote controllers or app.
5. Trigger sensors to make alarm, such as separate door sensors with its magnetic part, walk around in the detection area of infrared PIR detector etc.
6. Siren of G18 make sound, at same time make phone call and send sms to preset user phone.
7. After user get the call and SMS from GSM alarm console, open its app---click camera monitor---Enter into N62 or YYP2P camera app----watch the video. 
     Users can aslo add wireless alarm sensors to camera  YYP2P App. When alarm sensor triggered, it will send alarm signal to GSM panel and IP camera at same time. After GSM panel get the alarm signal, it will drive the siren sound, and call and send sms to user mobile via GSM network; IP camera push alarm message to mobile app and start to record video into TF card automatically, and built-in siren of camera make sound. User can open the mobile app to watch the video and check what's happened immediately.
     The IP camera built in 2.4G WIFI module and 433MHZ wireless module, both two modules together will produce some interference each other, so the wireless 433mhz receiving distance of IP camera is shorter than GSM panel. If you need install some alarm sensors in some place that maybe camera can't receive the wireless signal, but GSM panel can receive it, suggest only add the alarm sensors to GSM panel, other nearby sensors to both GSM console and IP Camera
Introduction of GSM Alarm
More Details about the Screen
2 screen content no logo
Basic Working Procedure 
3 working principle no logo
4 sms call to mobile
Voice Recording, Make Phone Call like a Mobile, Scheduled Arm Disarm
7 voice recording
Customize Detector Name & Installation Positon; 8 types of Defense Zones 
8 defense zone type no logo
Install N62 Camera pp

FAQ: Except for N62, is the device compatible with other software App?

Answer: Yes, it is also compatible with YYP2P and YOOSEE.  Most users like to use YYP2P App with more smart functions.

     If you just use the camera for watching video, you can use N62 app.
     If you would like the camera work as not only a IP cam, but also a wifi alarm system, recommend to use YYP2P.  For details, please check the manual instruction of YYP2P in camera gift box. Thanks.


The below is instruction of IP camera.

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pan tilt




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