DHL Free Wireless Home GSM Alarm Security System Alarmas Casas Alarme + Smoke Gas Detector PIR Motion Door Sensors Strobe Siren

   Model: KL-H23B   GSM Alarm System For Home Security


Question 1: Why is it a little more expensive than some sellers?

Answer: a. The GSM panel use better quality of GSM module, more stable

      b.  The quality of wireless Mini PIR Motion Detector and door/window sensor are with better quality than common type

Size of PIR Motion Detector: L:10CM * W:4CM * H:2.4CM ( L:3.94 * W:1.57 * H:0.94 Inch)
Size of Door Window Magnetic Sensor: Transmitter: L:6CM * W:2.4CM * H:1.2CM ( L:2.36 * W:0.94 * H:0.47 Inch)
Magnetic Part: L:4CM * W:1.0CM * H:1.2CM ( L:1.57 * W:0.39 * H:0.47 Inch) 

      c.  All the items come with batteries, but others not.

      d.  The package come with retail box, but others not.

900 900 H23B S G SS



H23B SMS Call






Question 2: What items will come to me?

Answer: It includes one KL-H23B LCD GSM alarm panel with built-in siren, one power adpater, 4 remotes, 4 Mini Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Sensors, 4 Mini Wireless PIR Motion Detectors, 1 wireless smoke detector, 1 wireless gas detector, 1 wired white siren, 1 wireless strobe siren

Note: We have EU / US / UK /AU power adapter for option, we will ship corresponding adapter to fit your country

500 500 H23B with 4P 4D 4R 1S 1G 1SS


Question 3:  What language does the gsm alarm host has?


There are 4 types of languages for your option

1. English Voice, English SMS and English Manual

2. Russian Voice, English SMS and English Manual

3. French Voice, English SMS and French Manual.

4. Spanish Voice, English SMS and Spanish Manual.

    The default language is English.   Please leave message to tell us which language you would like while ordering, or will send English as default if no any notification.


  Question 4: Could I add other alarm accessories for KL-H23B alarm host, such as wireless door window sensor, PIR motion sensors, smoke detector, gas detector etc.

Answer:   Yes, of course.

Please Click Items as below to Buy Extra Wireless accessories for the H23B Alarm Panel 


KL-DWSKL-DWSBKL-PMS01KL-PMD07KL-P801W PetKL-WSD02 no logoKL-WGDKL-WLD water detectorWireless Strobe SirenKL-YDW wired door sensorKL-YWD wired smoke detectorKL-Y1036 outdoor PIRKL-ABE-3 beam detectorKL-RF repeater

 FUNCTIONS of H23B GSM wireless home alarm

1. Apply advanced mobile communication technology, support SMS and dialing alarm.
2. 8 Wired defense zones and 99 wireless defense zones.
3. At most 5 wireless remote control codes.
4. LCD display.  Built-in clock. Operate easily.
5. Sound prompt for all operations.
6. SMS prompt automatically about low power of battery.
7. SMS prompt when AC power lost or or recovered.
8. Built-in intercom horn, walkie talkie can be realized.
9. Built-in wireless transmitting module, could be coding with wireless siren and appliance.
10. 1 group of timely Arm and Disarm timing function.
11. Can store 6 group of phone numbers: when alarming, system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically.
12. Can store 2 groups of SMS numbers: when alarming, system will send alarming SMS automatically.
13. Can store 2 alarm center telephones..
14. 10-second recording.
15. Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer.
16. built-in SMS message, could be send alarm message automatically when alarm.
17. Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel, just like a telephone.
18. One-key-control function: Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm.
19. Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function.
20. Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories.
21. Remote control Arm, Disarm, Monitor, and Intercom by phone.
22. Event Log Query: host automatically records 40 pieces of all information concerning arm, disarm and alarm events.
23. Multi-type of arm: Remote control arm, out arm, home arm, timed arm, arm by phone.
24. Built-in AAA NI-MH rechargeable battery: make alarm when power off.

Spanish French instruction


alarm panel back



alarm panel terminal.jpg 

KL-H23 lcd.jpg 

Setup command table

function table 1.jpg

function table 2.jpg


Defense Zone Alarm Type Setting
In setup state, first press the host keypad to input address code [60] , choose the corresponding defense zone code [02] ~ [99] , and then input [1 ~ 8] defense zone alarm type, finally add [#] key to confirm. Voice prompt: setting completed .
Operating: 60 + XX + # 
XX indicates defense zone code: [02] ~ [99] , matching 02 to 99 defense zones correspondingly
A Form alarm type: [1] SOS Alarm, [2] fire alarm, [3] gas leak alarm,
[4] door lock alarm, [5] hall alarm, [6] window alarm,
[7]  balcony alarm, [8] perimeter alarm


Detector Alarm Type Setting
Various alarm type is convenient to decide which detector will be alarmed.
There are 4 detector alarm types:
1). Detector alarm type is set to 0: This detector will not trigger the host to alarm    in any status.
2). Detector alarm type is set to 1: This detector will trigger the host to alarm whether in out arm or home alarm.
3). Detector alarm type is set to 2: This detector will trigger the host to alarm only in Out Arm state; host is in Home Arm state, the detector cannot trigger the host to alarm.
4). Detector alarm type is set to 3: This detector will trigger the host to alarm in any status.

This alarm system has dial-up function and could be used as mobile phone.


alarm gsm spanish, gsm alarm system spanish

How does the wireless home alarm gsm work?

 A burglar alarm system consists of a central control panel, door/window contacts, motion detectors, shock sensors, smoke detectors and a siren etc. Each component works with control panel via hard wire or wireless frequency. There are several zones in a burglar alarm system. A zone can be an entire room or a specific burglar alarm component. The panel receives signals from each zone and forwards these alarm signals to user cellphone or monitoring center software by making phone call and send alert SMS. Usually, the control panel is connected to phone line or installed with a GSM SIM card inside, which enable it communicate with user phone and monitoring center.
     A person can trigger a burglar alarm when alarm system is armed by opening a door or window or by activating a motion detector. Within seconds, the sensor sends a signal to the control panel, which causes the burglar alarm to go off. The system will automatically send SMS to report the guarding zones and dial the preset phone numbers. A siren usually sounds when an alarm is triggered.


Sensor installation.jpg


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