Wired 12V PIR Motion Sensor Passive Infrared Detector Alarm N.C. And N.O. Output Optional 110 Degree Detection Angle

      The product is passive infrared detector with high stability. It has adopted advanced technology in signal processing and provided super high detection ability and anti error alarm. The detector will detect movement of human automatically when intruder passes through the detection area, and it will send out wired alarm signal to alarm host i f there is movement. The product is suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, factories, markets, warehouses, office building etc.

1. it is Wiring Ceiling Mounted PIR Motion Detector, not wireless type. User must connect it to wired alarm control panel or other wired equipments via wiring connection.

2. Before buy, please make sure you are a proffessional wired detector buyer, who can understand the wiring terminals and know how to connect it to your wired equiments in order to avoiding wrong item ordered.

3. Please cover the top cover during test.

12V Wired PIR terminal block


Function Setting:
1. Relay Jumper: Choose NC or NO to set the state of alarm output. You should choose different alarm output in accordance with host. Short 1&2: N.O. (Normal Open). Short 2&3: N.C. (Normal Closed)

2. Pulse Jumper: You can adjust the sensitivity and anti RF interference by choosing the Pulse Jumper. Short 1&2: class 1 pulse, the sensitivity is highest, adapt to general environment. Short 2&3: class 2 pulse,anti RF interference is high, adapt to the environment with strong RF interference. Shut off: class 3 pulse, the sensitivity is lower, and the anti RF interference is highest, adapt to the environment with exceeding RF interference.

3. LED Jumper: Control LED indicator, without effect of detector normal work. Short 1&2: set LED ON Short 2&3: set LED OFF LED can be shut off for concealment of the detector

PIR Motion detection distance


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