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Product Name: Fixed Wireless terminal gsm,GSM FWT, GSM gateway, gsm desktop phone

      Usually the gsm fixed wireless terminal(gsm gateway) should be installed a GSM SIM card inside, then connect it with desktop phone by a common telephone line so that the desktop phone can make phone call normally based on GSM network, which is suitable for the places that no pstn/landline. It can also connect with the telephone line  burglar alarm system with PSTN LRJ11 port.

    Remark: Please note the gsm terminal is GSM900/1800mhz dual band for Asia, European, Africa and Oceania countries.
For America countries, please buy GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ quad band with LCD from following links. Quad band is several USD more expensive than dual band
, and can work well all over the world.



Product Introduction

You can dial the local calls, domestic and international calls with this Terminal connecting with a common wired desktop phone and a standard SIM card.
It is widely used in these areas:
Remote country, Mountains,
Dwelling house with weak signals,
Public telephone shops, Offices,  Telemarketing,
Removable places such as Ships, Trains, and Long distance buses.
Our wireless Terminal also has these characteristics as below:
Easy to install, Easy to operation, Powerful capacity of signals receiving,
Clear talking setting, Long using life, Steady performance.

Specification of fixed wireless terminal gsm
1.GSM frequency: GSM900/1800MHZ
2.Powe: AC100-240V 50/60HZ; Output: 5V 1A or 12V 1A
3.Power consumption: Static  less than 25MA, emission less than SOOMA
4.Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W
5.Receive sensitivity: -104db
6.Antenna increment: All directions: S.Odb Certain/Selection: 12db
7. RJ11 port: 2

Key functions
The key functions of the Terminal are list as below:
1 .Multi-function LED lights display signal, running state.
2.Can dial the local calls, mobile calls, international calls and special free calls.
3.Built-in watchdog duty circuit, machine any fault will restart.
4.Provide standard communication voltage, support DTMF system,
Caller ID display.
5.Automatic card-locking and net-locking enable
6.Supports modem mode

Connecting your terminal with desktop phone
If you want to use the terminal to make calls, you should connect the terminal with a
Common wired desktop phone.
There is one or two communication portals at the back of the terminal .You can connect one desktop phone and billing machine (optional) with our terminal.It's very  easy to connect the phone and terminal, just need a common communication cable .

Make or receive a call is Similar to your fixed line
When your phone is ringing just lift up the handset of the telephone set and speak.
Dial your number, after a timeout (end of dialing timeout default value:6sec)the
call Will be launched. To speed up you can press# at the end of the number.

gsm desktop phone


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