fwt fixed wireless terminal gsm gateway with screen for connecting desktop phone to make phone call or PSTN burglar alarm

Product Name: gsm gateway, fixed wireless terminal, gsm desk phone, desktop gsm phone, fwt etc.

      Usually the gsm fixed wireless terminal (gsm gateway) should be installed a GSM SIM card inside, then connect it with desktop phone by a common telephone line so that the desktop phone can make phone call normally based on GSM network, which is suitable for the places that no pstn/landline.

       It is widely used in these areas:  Remote area, Mountains, Telemarketing, Public shop, office, factory, Removable places such as ships, trains, and long distance buses, and some house without PSTN landling or PSTN cost expensive.


   What includes in the packaging?
1pcs fwt gsm fixed wireless terminal with screen
1pcs gsm antenna
1pcs power supply adapter
1 English manual
1 gift box

   Remark: Please note the gsm terminal is GSM900/1800mhz dual band for Asia, European, Africa and Oceania countries.
For America countries, please buy GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ quad band with LCD from following links or contact us. Quad band is several USD more expensive than dual band
, and can work well all over the world.


How to use this device?

Step 1: Install a SIM Card
Insert the SIM card only when the terminal is switched off and the AC adapter is unplugged


Insert SIM card no hole

Step 2: Connect the Antenna
For antenna connection, you can use your mobile phone to search for the place where the strongest signal is, then put the antenna there. Please do not make the antenna too close to the terminal. It will disturb the signal of the terminal. Please do not make the antenna and the terminal too close to the TV set, computer, and radiogram etc. It will disturb the signal of the terminal.
Step 3:Connecting your terminal with desktop phone
To make calls, you should connect the telephone line with RJ11 phone port of GSM terminal and telephone set,
There are two communication portals at the side of the terminal .You can connect one or two desktop phones with terminal. (Please use the telephone line in the package)



Step 4: Connect power adapter and switch on the power.
Step 5: For a while, the device get GSM signal and enter normal working status.
Step 6: Make phone call (dial in and dial out) with your telephone set that connected with terminal.
The phone number of desktop phone is the GSM SIM card number inside terminal.

  *When your phone is ringing, just lift up the handset of the telephone set and speak.
  *Lift up handset or press the handfree key on the telephone set, then input the phone numbers you would like to dail out, you can call out to others.

Specification of fixed wireless terminal gsm
1.Networks support: GSM900/ 1800MHz or GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
The GSM900/1800mhz  dual band as default for Asia, European, Africa and Oceania countries.
The GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ quad band for America countries.
2. Voltage: DC 12V/1A, AC110V to 240V
3.Power consumption: Static≤25MA emission≤SOOMA
4.Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W
5.Receive sensitivity: -104db
6.Antenna increment: All directions: S.Odb Certain/Selection: 12db

7. RJ11 port: 2, can connect with two telephone sets.

gsm desk phone

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